A one hour documentary on the Artist General is being directed by Martin Yernanzian. This will be the debut DVD venture of Pyrotechnia Productions.
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Conformity is addictive.
Don't Abuse it.

At long last America has a designated champion of the National Imagination.

The Artist General (a cabinet-level self-appointment) will be issuing potentially countless warnings as new hazards to creative life & community present themselves. He will seize the bully pulpit of a new millennium in full regalia (picture former surgeon general Koop's white admiral uniform splattered with paint). Photos here. Assisting him in the perpetration of Poetic Justice will be a hand-picked cadre of spiritual warriors known as the NMCP (New Millennial Culture Posse). Accepting volunteers now. ">">

The Recusal Question

Trail Mix - Steven T. Jones from the San Francisco Bay Guardian article:

Artist General's Warning: Recu$al question could be bad for Bush's political health Michael Masley has a question. It's a question he's been trying to get someone to ask for two years, and time is now running short to ask it. It's a good question, and if there were any justice in the world or democracy left in this orange-alerted country of ours, then Jim Lehrer would ask George W. Bush the question during the presidential debate Sept. 30.

The question is this: Will you agree never to accept any personal profits flowing from any military action you authorize or promote? Masley has been harassing journalists all over the country, trying to get them to ask it of Bush and the rest of his war cabinet, as well as John Kerry and anyone else running for an office that lets him or her participate in decisions likely to put foreigners on the receiving end of an American bullet or bomb.

For a Berkeley resident who makes his living as a street musician, Masley has a surprisingly long reach, spending up to 40 hours a week online, mining sources of information, and sending out entertaining and incisive e-missives under his "Artist General" nom de plume. The guy turns phrases in ways that cut to the heart of important issues, just as his question does...More @ http://www.sfbg.com/38/53/x_trail_mix.html

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