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Photos by Michael Sloan / September 2001

When creative impulse is belittled or abused, the longshot shortchanged,
the dark horse whitewashed, the carrot ephemeral but the stick enduring,
whoya gonna call? That's right. The Artist General.

Artist General Statement

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Thumb forms 'L', middle digit 'V', ensigning protocol brasspass greeting "NeverSayDie"/"SayLaVee"

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The A.G. is the Chief Executive Officer of New Millennial Culture and the Guardian of National Inner Childhood through all the Arts & shown holding one-of-a-kind instrument, the "Bass Bowl" (an amplified 'Celtibetan' fantasia--rubber bass strings over hand-turned Tibetan singing bowls served on a Bodran with reverb)

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Hat-hole for ponytail holds hat in heat of cultural battle, etc.

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A.G. listening to "A Scary Home Companion" on ZENpr (wack-with-a-carrot-colored-stick Radio)

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Contemplating mission: to re-supply the beleagured forces in the cultural trenches of the front lines...and who this year deserves the dreaded "Tin Weasel" Award, who the coveted GVIS Grant (Global Village Idiot Savant)? making a mental list, checkin' it twice...