Masley's Discography    

1. Watersigns (1983) (unreleased).

 2. Cymbalom Solos (1985). Uncluttered bowhammer cymbalom pieces, recorded in one afternoon. Always in print.

 3. Mythos (with guitarist Barry Cleveland, flautist Kat Epple and synthesist (the late) Bob Stohl; this recording was Cleveland's project.) (1986) (Vinyl/out of print.)

 4. The Moment's River (1987). Cymbalom, flutes, synthesizer and sampled percussion in a more elaborately produced setting.

 5. First Frost (with Barry Cleveland) (1986). Cleveland and Masley also performed together live under the name Thin Ice. (Cassette/out of print.)

 6. Bells & Shadows (1989). A return to the simplicity of Cymbalom Solos, but with several years' recording experience.

 7. Voluntary Dreaming (1990). Barry Cleveland's exotic Scarlett Records CD features Masley's trademark bowhammer cymbalom playing amid a sumptuous tapestry of detailed guitar textures and polyrhythmic percussion. Now out of print but sharp-eyed collectors may still find it in record stores.

 8. Mystery Loves Company (1990). Features the Kabali and water-tuned panpipes; also features Zakir Hussain on tabla. Rich, dense, experimental.

 9. Sky Blues (1992). Excursions on cymbalom, autoharp; unique percussive cymbalom pieces with "tribal" hand-drum accompaniment.

 10. Cosmosis (with cellist Dan Reiter) (1992). Astonishingly broad receiving antennae for improvisational inspiration: cymbalom, cello, and a variety of flutes and panpipes.

 11. Life in the Vast Lane (1993). Primarily solo cymbalom, with a short sonic coffee break on Pan-Timbre-Reen and panpipes, this work alternates between catchy arrangements in a modal vein and conscious attempts to set aside familiar harmonic language.

-- L. Maxwell Taylor / Experimental Musical Instruments